Saturday, June 20, 2009

NM in the News

Spaceport in Sierra County - which is the county just to the south of Socorro County. Check it out:

Life is a roller coaster

All kinds of good news today, but the thing that's on my mind is that I have been really stupid in my dealings with one person who I really like and who's good opinion is important to me, and it was through total, blah. Must fix.

The good news come in all descriptions. Had a great time with a friend last night, made new friends today, ordered harmonicas.

New friends are from PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Gays And Lesbians) who are going to help start a PFLAG Socorro chapter. I'm slightly daunted by the basic requirements - have to form a non-profit corporation, have to have officers for said non-profit, no doubt have to have bank account for said non-profit. But we'll have help with all that, from Katherine and Sheila, who are awesome.

I met them at the Manzanares Coffeehouse's 1st Annual Pride Celebration. The Manzanares - also, awesome. I'm hoping we can have our first meeting there on July 19. which is the third Sunday.

So, yay!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

good news and good news

We're just back from the Albuquerque Gay Pride festivities - that was a blast! The parade was great fun. And also educational. I have to say, I was momentarily disconcerted by the Albuquerque Leather float, but my kids, who've had a somewhat sheltered life, took the sight of a scantily leather clad man chained to the float and being urged on by a man cracking a long whip and also being poked in the behind with a flag pole completely in stride...good for them, I say! Also the Self Serve Toys float didn't appear to faze them in the least. The enormous replica of a self-servicing device on that float..well, the mind boggles.

We were camped out on the median of Central Avenue not far from a place where I once saw Taj Mahal. And later in the day, we went to Barnes & Nobles and I picked up an awesome Taj Mahal CD, with some choice harmonica playing on it.

I keep my harmonica in a special room in my house, a room I visit several times a day. Instead of reading comics in there, I now pick up the harmonica and blow a few notes. It seems to be a good strategy - the acoustics are good, and I think I'm improving. At this rate, when it comes time for the 2nd Ever Socorro Fest Harmonica Contest in October, I will totally blow!

But that's part of the good news - at this year's Socorro Fest, there will indeed be another harmonica contest. And this year, the prize money may make it worth the drive for out-of-towners.

I feel like I'm ready for something more than a cheap Hohner in the key of C, which is what I've got...but I wish there was some middle ground between the Hohner Piedmont Blues 7 Harmonica Pack with Case at $20 and the Hering USA Kit Master Blues 6 harp set at $130. Then again, when you consider what you could pay for a Hohner Bob Dylan Hand-Signed 7-Piece Harmonica Set ($25,000) it seems that $130 is not so expensive after all. Wonder which key is missing in the Hering Set? B, in case you wanted to know. And if you're in the key of B, you can use your F harmonica anyway, so who needs it? What do harp players do when someone hits them with a song in A#? Is it all about bending the notes at that point?

Well, long day.