Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally, the scoop on the Capitol Bar and Courthouse

Okay - built of stone, adobe & brick in 1896, and one of 30 (thirty!) bars built in Socorro at the time (one for every 100 or so inhabitants.) Owned originally by a pair of italian brothers named Biavaschi, who sold the place "after the turn of the century" to a justice of the peace, Judge Amos Green, "who held court at the bar and jailed the guilty in the back room. Ownership passed to Fred Emilio (also known as the Lincoln County Stud) who painted the front brick facade green and renamed the bar the Green Front in honor of Judge Green. During Prohibition (1918-1933) the Green Front was a pool hall and speakeasy...drinks were 25 cents per shot..."

I'm quoting here from a little mock-up of a pamphlet I found at the Socorro Chamber of Commerce. It just gets better and better, doesn't it? The Lincoln County Stud? There's a story there...