Saturday, October 27, 2007

On hiatus

So many life-altering changes have occurred recently - moving to a new town, becoming a homeowner, starting my own business, going from partnered parent to single mom - that a few things have fallen by the wayside. Some things that I love, like music and walking and blogging about walking, are getting short shrift lately. I barely have time and energy and mental clarity to stay on top of what's most important.

So my plan - of course I have a plan - is to go a more minimalist route for right now: to clear away all the extras that are cluttering up my time and my brain. Better to juggle three swords well than ten swords badly.

Here are two pictures taken by my daughter at Socorrofest, of local musicians performing on the plaza.

I think that's Last Minute Bluegrass - Roger on banjo, Shirley on mandolin, Francie on guitar, Mariah on fiddle, Jim on bass, and another guy whose name I'm not sure of - sorry. The sun was starting to get low in the sky behind the performers - not best photo op.

And that's Without A Drought - JC on guitar, Jeannie on mandolin and fiddle, Jim on bass. JC played bass later for another band called the Rhythm Profits (or Prophets - by that time it was dark and I'd filled up my 16 oz Socorrofest beer glass more than once....)

Well, that's it for now, and probably for a few months, until I get my act together and my life under control, or else give in to the realization that life is a messy business, never under control, and to attempt to contain it all in neatly labeled plastic stackable tubs is an exercise in futility. Hopefully I'll come to that realization by 8pm tonight - Without A Drought is playing at the Socorro Springs Brewing Company and I don't know where pale ale and live music fit into my new streamlined minimalist plan.....